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Walking Etiquette

Walking etiquette is a real thing! Communicating with other walkers, keeping the environment clean and assuring the safety of wildlife helps us all. Here are our Dozen Tips for Walking Worcester:

  1. Remove trash for the safety of humans, animals and the planet. If you bring it on the walk, save to toss it in the trash.
  2. Passing other walkers? Gently say “on your left” (or “right) to let them know you are coming around them.
  3. Don’t feed the wildlife. It disrupts their feeding habits and helps keep you safe.
  4. Keep your pet on a leash and under control. Pack out their waste.
  5. Take a photo, not a souvenir, to maintain the environment. Leave what you find.
  6. Hiking? Step 200 feet from the trail and water sources if you need to relieve yourself. Pack out that solid waste, too.
  7. Preserve a trail by staying on it. Walk through the mud or puddle and don’t cut the corner of a switchback.
  8. Respect other walkers by walking and talking quietly so everyone can enjoy the quiet/sounds of nature.
  9. Turn your cell phone volume down or off. You’ll be amazed at what you hear and see.
  10. Let others pass if you stop to rest or take a photo.
  11. Hikers going downhill yield for hikers going uphill.
  12. Smile or wave to other walkers and help build the Walk Worcester community!

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Walking Safety

“Situational awareness” is more than a buzz phrase – it can help keep you safe. Consider these tips when you are planning to walk, especially if you are going out alone.

  1. Let someone know when and where you’re walking, especially if you’re going alone.
  2. Walking during the day is the safest choice.
  3. If you walk at night, go with a friend, wear light colored or reflective clothing and take a flashlight.
  4. Be visible: Walk in places used by other walkers, runners, and bikers and stay alert!
  5. If walking on a road, face traffic.
  6. Use crosswalks.
  7. Carry a large stick, a dog whistle, or a dog deterrent spray.
  8. Keep the volume on earbuds and headphones low so you can hear traffic, horns and other walkers and riders.
  9. Stop walking and step to the side to use your phone so you can stay aware for safety and enjoyment.

Funding provided by Maryland Department of Health Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control

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